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With the launch of our new web version last month, one of the new "Jintropin (Gensci Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.)" features of Web 2.0 is the ability for "Anabolika Definition" users to become curators. Prior Testosterone Cypionate Blood Clots to the redesign, users couldn't participate in our curation process and suggest stories for us to cover.

Although many of you already enjoy the stories we curate, we're sure you can help us Testosterone Enanthate Cycle Gains to a better job by finding important and fascinating stories we haven't yet covered. If we've "Anadrol 50" already covered it, then we won't accept your pitch. We've received your pitch. Thank you so much!

Those who successfully curate stories for us are given credit for the stories they pitch. After you've pitched your story, our team reviews it and writes the summary so the update is ready for publishing. Once it's published, your name "Oxandrolone Powder India" will appear with the finished update. On the left is an example Testosterone Enanthate 1000 Mg Per Week of a video user Lon Harris curated for us through our videos topic. We also thank "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" users who take the time to pitch us on Twitter by featuring your story and your handle.

Successful pitches will be published live on the app and on the web version, although your name will only appear on the web version. Curators who also submit the most stories for a single topic will also be featured as "Top Curators" (again, only on the web version). The "Top Curators" list shows the 10 users who submit the most stories in that topic. Users can become a Top Curator in multiple topics, and need to submit regularly in order to attain and maintain one of those top 10 spots. The rankings can change with each pitch.


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